Second Term May 2022

Second Term May 2022

Dear Parents and pupils,

Welcome back to Term Two! We hope you have had an enjoyable
holiday break and you are as excited as we are to start the new term!

Remember to bring all your scholastic materials and also the COVID 19 guidelines

It has been great to see that some children have been bringing home
their spelling list words and studying them each week night. The
spelling words are still being tested every fortnight on a Friday. It is
essential that your child not only learns to spell these words but is
able to read them and have an understanding of what the words
mean. Work with your child to verbally place their spelling words
into meaningful sentences and stories. Talk to your child about
things they notice in the words, such as, simple blends or familiar
spelling patterns.

It has been great to see that the children have become a lot more
confident with their readers and that they are independently
changing their readers each day and recognising many more words
and letter patterns. Please remember to ask your child lots of
questions about the book that they are reading to make sure that
they have a good understanding of what is happening inside the text.
Some examples of questions that could help with comprehension
 What do you think the characters are feeling?
 What would you do if that happened to you?
 Why did that character want to do that?
 Would you change the ending, beginning or middle?
 What would you change in the story to make it more

Investigations/Discovery Time
The children have really enjoyed participating in Investigations and
Discovery Time during Term Two. It has been pleasing to see the
amount of enthusiasm and willingness to try out different areas and
find out new information. We are sure that all children are excited to
begin learning about their chosen topics again this term

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